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Next of Kin Registry (NOKR)

Access Policy 

The Next of Kin Registry is a non-profit organization that provides a secure, high-speed solution to archive your emergency contact information. Our goal is to bridge the information gap between public trust agencies and the public they serve so that in times of emergency, those public trust agencies can access your information and make quick, timely notifications to the person or persons you designate. 

Our core values are Privacy, Trust, Accountability and Partnerships. As such, we will only grant emergency agencies access to search the NOKR system. We define emergency agencies as Certified Law Enforcement Agencies (To include Federal, State and Local Agencies), The Medical Examiner’s Office, Public Administrator’s Office and Hospital Emergency Departments. Some exceptions may be made in cases where a different agency would be responsible for next of kin notification (ie; a Fire Department or Hospital). In these cases, access would be granted only after a majority vote of the Officers of NOKR. 

Access to and use of our database is strictly monitored. Misuse of the database may result in an agency having its access terminated. We have strict guidelines for searching the system for a person. All searches must be based on a victim being missing, seriously injured or deceased. Absolutely no agency will be allowed to search the system for wanted felons, victims, witnesses or suspects to crimes. 

Periodic, random audits will be conducted on the agencies that have access to be sure all guidelines are being followed. The first violation for misuse of the database will be a warning. A second offense will result in suspension of an agency’s access. A third offense will result in that agency’s access being terminated.

All departments requesting access must have a government email address and phone number we must be able to verify the requesting persons employment within that agency. To gain access to the system, log onto www.nokr.org and click on “Local and State Agencies”.





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