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NOKR Volunteer Staff and Volunteer Advisors

The NOKR staff has a unique blend of military veterans augmented by industry business professionals with extensive public and government interaction.  

NOKR Chief Executive Officer ~ Michael D. Brown
NOKR Chief Executive Officer
Michael D. Brown

White House Biography

Michael D. Brown became NOKR's Chief Executive Officer in July 2009. Michael possesses more than 25 years of experience in public safety, disaster preparedness and emergency management at the local, national and international levels. Michael is one of longest-serving directors of FEMA. US Senate confirmed first Under Secretary, DHS, Emergency Preparedness & Response. Michael lead the White House transition team creating DHS, scrutinized $41 billion budget, member DHS Investment Review Board.

Michael led federal relief efforts in 160 presidential declared disasters, including 9/11, Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster, CA wildfires, unprecedented '04-'05 hurricane seasons. Michael represented US in international forums, directed US response to foreign disasters/terrorist attacks, including 2003 earthquake in Iran; 2004 tsunami killing in eleven countries in South Asia; terrorist attack in Beslan, Russia.

Michael served as U.S. Representative to NATO’s Civil Emergency Planning Committee, negotiated a 10-year cooperative agreement between US and Russian Federation; worked with UK’s Home Office developing communications strategies for floods, member of U.S.-Great Britain Contact Working Group; and led U.S. delegation to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe.

FEMA’s deputy director 2001-2003, general counsel 2001. Managed 13,000+ employees, $12 billion budget. Board member both public & private corporations. Currently management & strategic consultant in US and overseas. Engaged in operational, strategic & political consultations in areas of privacy preservation, security, disaster and crisis management. Advises businesses on operational continuity, crisis communications and disaster preparedness. Michael practiced law in CO/OK. Bar examiner on ethics/professional responsibility for OK Supreme Court, hearing examiner for CO Supreme Court. Special prosecutor in police disciplinary matters. Staff director, OK legislature’s Senate Finance Committee.

Johnny F. Keene ~NOKR Executive Vice President NOKR Executive Vice President
Johnny F. Keene

Johnny Keene is a founding member of NOKR. Johnny is a native of Florida who served his country after graduating from high school. Johnny joined the United States Marine Corps in Florida in 1981. He was initially assigned to 2nd Force Service Support Group, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Johnny worked in logistical support. Johnny was later transferred to Marine Air Group 39, 3rd Marine Air Wing, Camp Pendleton, California. He served in a logistical support position compiling and analyzing aircraft maintenance data to be used during aircraft crash investigations. Johnny received a good conduct medal for his service and an Honorable Discharge in 1986.

Johnny is currently a member of Law Enforcement and has been for over 20 years. He has worked many assignments within uniformed patrol and investigative units. Johnny was a member of a team of Detectives that investigated the 2002 disappearance of a 7-year-old girl in San Diego. He later testified at the murder trial of her accused abductor/killer.

Johnny has been involved in the investigation of many persons that were reported missing. Johnny was part of a team of Officers that was sent to Los Angeles as part of Mutual Aid during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. As a founding member of NOKR Johnny has been instrumental with educating emergency agencies and establishing policy and procedures for system access. Johnny was also instrumental during NOKR’s emergency response to Hurricane Katrina by reunifying families displaced by the national disaster.  Johnny is National Incident Management System NIMS trained through FEMA as part of his work in law enforcement.


NOKR Deputy Director~Gerard J. “Gerry” DiStefano~ NOKR Deputy Director
Chief Operations Officer

Gerard J. “Gerry” DiStefano

Gerry DiStefano a State law enforcement officer commissioned by Gov. Nikki Haley joined NOKR as it’s Deputy Director in 2008. He is a Public Accountant by profession, and currently is serving as the President of a residential Real Estate Company in Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. DiStefano attended the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida and Passaic College in Paterson, New Jersey. He holds a degree in Liberal Arts.

Mr. DiStefano brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to NOKR from his years of public service and private practice. Prior to moving to South Carolina in 2002, Mr. DiStefano ran a successful Accounting Practice in New Jersey. In 1996 he was elected to Public Office, responsible for a multi-million dollar service branch of County Government whose duties included budgeting, staff, purchasing, legals, contract negotiations and oversight of daily operations of the department. His direct “hands on” approach to the management of that entity brought him statewide acclaim as under his leadership the operations and income of his office rose from 20th of the 21 N.J. counties to 4th within his first two years in office. In office at the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Mr. DiStefano saw firsthand the need for the type of services NOKR provides, even as NOKR was not yet in existence. When Mr. DiStefano became aware of NOKR in 2007, he contacted Mark Cerney, NOKR President, to become involved, leading to his current position.

Mr. DiStefano's efforts assisting victims of crime and his time as a Chaplin have been recognized by his peers at the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, Criminal Investigations Division. He has been a top producer in giving his time to those in need. His skill set in these areas have netted Mr. DiStefano a prestigious yearly award given by the Sherriff for 2015 and 2016 to only one person among his peers at an annual ceremony of law enforcement professionals.


NOKR Chief Financial Officer ~ Harry C. Wilson NOKR Chief Financial Officer
Harry C. Wilson

Harry C. Wilson, CPA joined the NOKR team in August 2008 as the organization's Chief Financial Officer. He brings an extensive background of accounting, auditing, financial analysis, program management and managerial skills from over 26 years of combined government and private sector finance experience.

Harry gave his heart to the Lord as a young man, while a freshman in high school. Harry has also achieved the coveted and highest rank of Eagle Scout with Silver Palm while in the Boy Scouts. In 1981 Harry graduated from Mid-America Nazarene University and now holds a bachelors degree in business administration/accounting.

Upon graduation from college Harry worked for three years at the International Headquarters - Church of the Nazarene as a junior trust accountant in Kansas City, Missouri. He then moved to Washington, DC and began his government career. He worked for nine months at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and then for over 17 years with the FDIC - Office of Inspector General (OIG), mostly in Washington, DC with short stints in Dallas, Texas and Knoxville, Tennessee. While at the FDIC-OIG, Harry had the opportunity to travel extensively; visiting most of the major cities in the U.S.

Harry has been very actively involved in the church. He has coached the teen volleyball team, sang in the choir, been on the pastor's prayer team and taught Crown Ministries classes.


NOKR Government Affairs Officer
Roger F. Castro

Mr. Castro has served on the board of directors including serving as Vice-Chair since January 2005.  As Vice-Chair, he was instrumental in promoting NOKR's mission nationally throughout the entire Katrina event.  Mr. Castro joined the NOKR staff as Vice President and Chief Operations Officer in January of 2006.  Now with his successful effort in recruiting a highly qualified COO, Mr. Castro can focus on Government Affairs and NLETS.

Mr. Castro brings to NOKR over 18 years of non-profit and private sector leadership, marketing and business development experience. Mr. Castro has held a variety of managerial and executive positions throughout his many years in business.

Mr. Castro's Strong business collaboration, operation systems development, and development and application of innovative marketing strategies experience will serve NOKR in its goal to reach out to not only America but to people all over the world.

Mr. Castro is also involved in many community projects that promote improving the quality of life for all.  He is a Rotarian and strong supporter of Boy Scouts. He is also very active in many other youth leadership development projects. Mr. Castro is a Veteran of the United States Army, served during Desert Storm, and is a native Texan.

Mr. Castro's vision of promoting emergency preparedness extends far beyond the borders of America.  His Christianity, fatherhood, and many travels around the world have solidified his belief in the concept of "One Planet, One People and One Goal."



NOKR Director for Missing Persons ~ Kym L. Pasqualini NOKR Director for Missing Persons
Kym L. Pasqualini

Founder, Nation’s Missing Children Organization & National Center for Missing Adults 
Served as CEO from 1994-2010
NCMA Directors

Kym Pasqualini has been advocating for missing persons and their families for 20 years. In 1994, Kym founded the Nation’s Missing Children Organization, Inc. (NMCO), and quickly realized that missing persons over the age of eighteen, and their families, were a segment of the victim population who were significantly underserved. To address this need, in 1995, she expanded the agency’s charter to include cases of missing adults.

Joined by families of missing, Kym requested the assistance of Congress to create the first national clearinghouse for missing adults. In November 2000, President William Clinton signed Kristen’s Law appropriating funding to formally establish the National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA). During her tenure as CEO, she developed a national registry for missing adults funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice. Her agency provided advocacy and support services to families of missing persons and law enforcement nationwide.

In partnership with Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC), she developed model policy for law enforcement and provided training to law enforcement agencies nationwide addressing the complex investigations of missing adult cases, proper utilization of available resources, investigative techniques, and policy revisions.

Kym’s responsibilities have included overall nonprofit management to include program development, case management, public and media relations, grants management, and legislative issues.

Kym continues to work with national media to raise awareness and featured on Anderson Cooper Live, Greta Van Sustren, Montel Williams, the John Walsh Show, CNN, BBC, FOX, People Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, and included in hundreds of news and print articles throughout the world.

Kym has served on the National DNA Advisory Board and the National Missing Person Task Force for the United States Department of Justice, served on the Unidentified Dead Advisory Board for the Internal Homicide Investigator’s Association (IHIA. In 2005, Kym was the recipient of the Arizona Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for Leadership acknowledging her contributions to victims and efforts on behalf of victim’s rights – while exercising principles and practices of effective leadership (vision, initiative, commitment, excellence, service to others, cooperation and integrity)


Steve D Goldman International Director of Volunteer Relations and
NOKR Deputy Registrar

Steve D. Goldman

Steve joined NOKR in January 2015 by way of Amnesty International. Steve has been an NOKR soldier, who has been on the front-line as the NOKR Deputy Registrar. Steve has the unique responsibility of ensuring that the public is protected by way of registration's into the NOKR system. NOKR registration is paramount to those who have fallen victim and to family reunification. In the last 2.5 years alone NOKR has seen significant registrations due to our efforts during the:

2015 Parris Terrorist Attack
2015 Kogalymavia Airbus A321 Russia Crash
2015 Hurricane Joaquin
2015 Hurricane Patricia
2015 Umpqua Community College Shooting
2015 Flooding Joso, Japan
2015 Chattanooga, TN Mall shooting
2015 Nepal Earthquake
2016 TN & NC Wild Fires
2016 Fukushima Japan Earthquake
2016 Hurricane Matthew
2016 Tsunami North Canterbury New Zealand
2016 Ascoli Piceno, Italy Earthquake
2016 Terrorism Nice France
2016 Orlando Florida Nightclub Terror Attack
2017 Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
2017 St. Petersburg Russia Terrorist Attack
2017 Manchester UK Bombing
2017 Terrorist Attack Manchester Concerted
2017 London Apartment Fire
2017 London Bridge Terrorist Attack
2017 Sichuan Province, Southwestern China Landslide
2017 Canada Fires
2017 Charlottesville VA Domestic Terrorism
2017 Sierra-Leone's Flooding & Mudslide
2017 Barcelona Spain Terrorist Attack
2017 Hurricane Irma, Harvey, Maria, Nate
2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting
2017 Mexico Earthquake
2017 California Historic Fires

The demand on NOKR during these event has seasoned Steve and sealed his legacy in NOKR. Steve brings a true humanitarian touch to his core efforts at NOKR.  He has been a professional who strives to raise the bar and to ease the pain for those who wish to register pre and post disasters with NOKR from across the globe.

Steve has spent the better part his life giving back. Steve has a unique understanding that everyone brings something of value to the NOKR family. Steve’s 25 years with Amnesty International has prepared Steve for his management role in NOKR.

Steve is a native of California. He grew up near Hollywood. His father was Allan Goldman a World War II hero and radio icon of the times. His father had interviewed A-listers such as: Jerry Lee Lewis, Toni Bennett, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald,  Rosemary Clooney, Phyllis Diller, Liberace, Sammy Davis Jr., Red Skelton, George Burns, Glen Campbell, Les Paul, Vic Damone, Moe Howard of the three Stooges and Tony Martin just to name a few. 

Regardless of who the family knew, Steve has always stayed humble to his core and has been called to give back throughout his life. His higher calling has been a great gift to the NOKR organization. 

Truman Noah Cerney NOKR Director NOKR Director of Charitable Giving and Grant Writing
Truman Noah Cerney

Truman Noah Cerney grew up in a giving home with a motto of “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”. He has been involved with charitable giving since he was old enough to speak and walk. This started with donations to senior convalescent communities around the United States and donating items to those in need in Tijuana, Mexico.

Truman is a natural born stoic leader, these are the words of his past educators in San Diego, CA. Truman has a commanding voice both literally and figuratively. This came to fruition when he completed his first milestone in the Boy Scouts of America. Truman found a calling to excel in this organization. He made an effort to set a historic record by becoming the youngest Eagle Scout in US History, a record that was set in 1955 and surpassed by Truman at the age of 12. This accomplishment earned him the 1% coveted title of Eagle Scout. Truman was also hailed by world leaders to include Gov. Schwarzenegger, US President Obama, US President Bush, US President Clinton, US President Carter, Billy Graham, and Pope Benedict XVI just to name a few.

Truman attend a lottery school called High Tech High funded in part by Bill Gates of Microsoft. Truman thrived here in many leadership roles. The natural progression would have been straight to college however, Truman was called to serve in the US Marine Corps. He followed in the foot steeps of 3 generations of US Marine. There was no talking him out of his call to service he knew the country was fighting an active war on Terror.

Truman is now full time in College completing his business degree and serves the NOKR NGO as the Director of Charitable Giving and Grant Writing. He has two mission in life to help homeless veterans and to inspire his peers to give back to the generations who have given us so much.

Ruth Suarez Zane NOKR Media Relations Director NOKR Media Relations and Public Affairs Officer
Ruth Suarez Zane

Ruth Suarez Zane brings with her ten years of communications experience in media and technology. She has lived and worked in major media markets such as New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Seattle. Ruth gained her most recent PR experience from the fast-paced media market in New York City where she placed clients on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Larry King Live, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and hundreds of other publications.

Ruth also has had numerous articles published in trade publications and had a book published, Superstar Entrepreneurs.

Ruth has traveled extensively throughout Europe and South America. In her spare time, Ruth has dedicated time to literacy programs in Florida and New York. Ruth holds a Master’s of Science degree and a Bachelor’s in English. She is fluent in Spanish.

Neal Therrien ~ Military Affairs Campaign (MAC) Director NOKR Military Affairs Campaign (MAC) Director  
Neal Therrien

Neal Therrien is a native of Arizona, with an extensive computer and military background.  After spending 10 years on active duty, Sgt Therrien was honorably discharged and joined the US Air Force Reserve.  He currently has over 18 years in the US Air Force, and is assigned to the 939th Air Refueling Wing, USAFR, Portland, Oregon.  Neal is the Workgroup Manager for the 939th Mission Support Group and responsible for over 400 computer assets and users. Duties include computer service, deployment, inventory, network connectivity, user and e-mail exchange accounts and much more.  Neal has had the opportunity to travel the world including Kunsan, South Korea, Dharan, Saudi Arabia, Okinawa Japan, and Mildenhall, England. 

Neal graduated from the University of Phoenix (U of Phx) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.  He is currently a member of U of Phx Alumni Network and will be returning to the U of Phx to complete the Master of Business Administration/Technology Management (MBA/TM) program in the summer of 2005.

Ms. Kerri Cerney ~NOKR's Office Manager NOKR's Office Manager
Ms. Kerri Cerney

Kerri Cerney from FEMA Department of Homeland Security.  Kerri is also a founding member of NOKR who understands what it means to be a volunteer. Kerri has volunteered countless hours of her time to the Washington and California school systems and to Washington Fire Departments. Kerri has also dedicated her personal life to giving back to not only her community but to children around the world. Kerri Cerney was instrumental in establishing NOKR’s volunteer program that now has more than 3000 volunteers worldwide.

Kerri's work at FEMA DHS includes post disaster assistance to victims. FEMA deploys Ms. Cerney to the epicenter of disasters to support the core FEMA mission and mitigate the financial loss many victims incur post any disaster. 

Kerri has established many tips sheets for NOKR families and children to prepare for daily emergencies and national disasters. Her recent NOKR tips were for the 2007 hurricane season and
pandemic flu information preparedness. Kerri is currently working on NOKR's DMV program and NOKR's pet registration integration.

Kerri’s motto is, “Give people an opportunity and a reason to help and they will”. 

NOKR Director of Education
Dr. Damon Castillo EdD

Damon Castillo is a former school district superintendent and county deputy superintendent with 34 years of professional experience.  Dr. Castillo's professional accomplishments include a California Distinguished School recognition, the first in the district’s 100 year history, State recognition of the district continuation school as a model continuation school, and passage of the first general obligation bond in 35 years.  The result was a capital flow of $120 million to the district for to address growth and modernization. 

As a community leader Dr. Castillo's enhanced business and education partnerships through his leadership in over a dozen non-profit boards, as a president of an active Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the Inland Empire, and as a member of the board of directors of one of the largest chambers in California.

Dr. Castillo holds four degrees, including an earned doctorate.  Recognition for his service includes a tribute in the House of Representatives, Congressional Record, California State Assembly Recognition, County Board of Supervisors Community Service Award, and Educator of the Year.

  NOKR Volunteer Board of Advisors
Robert E. Byrd

Robert E. Byrd was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where his parents instilled in him the rich appreciation of family he espouses.  After graduation from college Robert married, and chose to raise his family in Riverside, where he presently resides.  Robert and his wife Patricia have two children, a son Robert, and a daughter Kailah. 


Robert E. Byrd has held key operational positions and has gained a broad perspective of County operations from working in such diverse departments as Department of Public Social Services, Flood Control, Waste Management, and the Auditor-Controller’s Office.  One of Robert’s main attributes is his ability to bring diverse, competing parties together to work in an atmosphere of collaboration. 


Elected Auditor-Controller in November 2002 with more votes cast in the history of the office, Robert E. Byrd has moved swiftly to improve the image as well as the effectiveness of the Office.  With high moral and professional ethics as the cornerstone of this administration, Robert has revolutionized the Auditor-Controller’s Office by its restructuring to provide better customer service and improving the quality and flow of information to County management.  Robert has also refocused the County’s audit function to not only serve its regulatory mandates, but to also incorporate the flexibility to audit proactively, which allows for bringing standards to County processes and functionality. 


An acknowledged leader in the community, Robert E. Byrd is highly active through his church and other local organizations.  He is also an active member of the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers, Government Finance Officer’s Association, the State Association of County Auditors, member of the Riverside Rotary, International Relations Council (IRC) for the City of Riverside and Finance Chairperson for La Sierra Academy Board of Trustees. 


Robert E. Byrd is emerging as one of the community’s most requested speakers, as he displays a dynamic presence in his presentation of information in the fields of Accounting, Auditing and Ethics.  In addition, as a result of his daily life experiences Robert offers insight and coaching in the areas of civic duty, community involvement and political enterprise.

  Patricia Frosio
  Patricia Frosio has worked in local government and non-profit administration in San Diego for the past 15 years. 

As the Public Administrator/Public Guardian/Indigent Burial Officer for the County of San Diego from 2002 through 2005, Patricia led a staff of 40 employees in investigating and administering approximately 500 decedent estates each year.  She served as the legally appointed conservator for 250-300 elderly and disabled persons and ensured a dignified disposition for over 1,000 of the region’s poorest citizens and veterans.  In these roles, she was responsible for finding next of kin of thousands of decedents.  Patricia managed $45-$50 million in estate property at any given time and served in leadership positions on the Board of Directors of the California Association of Public Administrators/Public Guardians/Public Conservators. 

Patricia also served as Chief of Staff for two Chief Administrative Officers at the County of San Diego where she coordinated implementation of the Board of Supervisors’ directives and managed executive-level operations.  Previous to this, Patricia developed and implemented a nationally recognized government innovation project that saved over $40 million annually in taxpayer dollars. Patricia also served for five years as a Senior Policy Advisor to Ron Roberts, both during his tenure on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and San Diego City Council. 

From 1999-2005, Patricia served as the President of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration, which assists government and non-profits professionals achieve excellence in public service. From 1997-2001, Patricia served as President of San Diego County Crime Stoppers where led the organization to achieve fiscal solvency and improved relations with law enforcement agencies and the media which resulted in solving hundreds of felony crimes.   She also served for several years on the Board of the San Diego Crime Commission and community organizations serving at-risk and emancipated foster youth. 

Currently, Patricia serves as a Senior Advisor to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and is an Adjunct Professor at National University’s School of Business and Management and San Diego State University’s School of Public Administration and Urban Studies. 

A native San Diegan, Patricia resides in Alpine, California.
  Richard Morse Esq.

Richard Morse's 16 plus years experience includes specialized services in entertainment, arts, sports, intellectual property litigation, licensed merchandising, business development, and more.  His extraordinary list of clients includes multi Oscar winning director Jonathan Sanger, Milton Berle, America's Cup Champion Dennis Conner, Intrepid Securities, funk music icon Rick James, music legend Yma Sumac, Howard Hughes' widow and legendary actress Terry Moore and rock and roll art icon Stanley Mouse.

In conjunction with a group of high-profile entertainment industry veterans, Richard is currently collaborating on several feature film projects and business ventures, serving the projects as Counsel as well as developing, packaging, and pitching to studios and investors.  Over 15 projects are currently in development, most with writers, directors, and talent attached and many with development and/or production funds in place.

In addition, over the last 3 years, Richard Morse was General Counsel and Head of Business and Legal Affairs for Entertainment Business Group (EBG) and its production development subsidiaries and TV division.  EBG specializes in development of feature films and network television projects and business/legal affairs consulting regarding feature film development, production, finance and distribution.  In this role, Richard utilized his veteran experience and relationships in the entertainment industry to provide substantial benefits for the company.

Richard also serves as General Counsel to Northern Arts Entertainment, a U.S. distribution/executive production company whose high profile projects have garnered international acclaim and notable festival honors since 1990.

Richard held the joint position of VP of Business & Legal Affairs for Mod Studios and Senior Business Affairs Counsel for Signatures Network. The venture is a cutting-edge production/distribution project, developing innovative digital emerging media including electronic licensed merchandise, ITV & VOD. They Produce: Hollywood Previews- first monthly interactive CD/Rom Video Magazine and various licensed merchandise including DVD/CD/ROM videos for many recording artists including Ozzy Osborne, Eagles, Britney Spears, Elton John, Billy Joel, feature films (including Terminator) and sports promotions (including the Dodgers).

Richard received a BA with Honors in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.  He received his law degree from the University of California's Hastings College of Law where he was appointed to the Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Review.  Together with his faculty advisor/mentor Roscoe Barrow, the US Presidential Special Counsel for Communications and Entertainment Law, Richard drafted weekly advisory opinions for the White House. He currently serves as President of the Hastings Alumni Association, Los Angeles County.  Richard remains active in Continuing Legal Education of the Bar programs for entertainment, sports, art, and corporate counsel matters.

Four years of pure transactional practice as Outside House and Private Counsel for entertainment/sports entities and personalities followed. His clientele included Milton Berle, Intrepid Securities, Tixa Technologies, America's Cup Champion Dennis Conner, F-3 Racing Champion/Brazilian TV star Suzanne Carvello, the Emissary for China (regarding matters with Madonna and more), living music legend Yma Sumac, Rick James and Licensed Merchandise innovator Bing Broido and Beverly Hills 90210).

  Dan Blasdel

Dan was elected Franklin County’s First Coroner in 1994. Dan was re-elected to a third term as Franklin County Coroner in 2002.

Past President of the Washington Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners

President of the International Associations of Coroners & Medical Examiners
Founder and Board Member of People Learning About Drugged Driving

President Elect of the Washington Association of Elected Officials 

Executive Board Member of the Washington Tri-Association, Made up of executive board members of the Washington Association of Elected Officials, Washington Association of Counties, and Washington Association of Cities 

Past Board Member of the Washington State SIDS Foundation 

Executive Board Member of the Benton Franklin Substance Abuse Coalition

Member of the Governors Task Force on Bio-Terrorism preparedness 

Committee member of St Patrick’s School, Long Range Planning 

Besides the duties of responding to sudden and unexpected deaths in Franklin County, Dan is very involved in education and prevention of traffic Fatalities in Franklin County.  Each spring Dan participates in the Hanford Safety Expo held at Trac where a mock alcohol related fatality accident is recreated so the public can observe what happens at a fatality from Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance, Coroner, and Funeral Home’s point of view.  Dan also is involved in the every 15 minutes program at Pasco High, and speaks to many school classes, and service clubs about the consequences of drinking, using drugs and driving, and the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt. Dan resides with his wife and four children in Franklin County, Washington.

  Martin Ayala

Martin currently serves the American Red Cross as the Chief Programs Officer in the Riverside California region. Martin has served the American Red Cross for 13 years managing state support chapters and Chapter program management in response and preparedness throughout California. As a Director Martin continues to work towards refining the following:
•Disaster debriefings/recognition
•Client assistance protocol
•Volunteer recruitment & development
•The overall objective for the program: How can we improve our infrastructure while continuing to maintain our excellence in disaster response. 

Martin has been involved in many US disasters as an instrumental team member of the American Red Cross. Martin continues to follow his basic principal “we must be ready to help, because help can’t wait!

  Lance Kerwin

Lance Kerwin is a former Hollywood child actor whose list of credits include the NBC television series 'James at 15' and 'James at 16' and the feature film 'Outbreak' starring Dustin Hoffman. Like many actors in the business, the Hollywood lifestyle began to take its toll on Lance. While his life appeared to be on a downward spiral, God was getting ready to begin His work in Lance's life. God gave Lance his first daughter Savannah in 1994. With a daughter in his life now and God knocking on the door of his heart, Lance began to see that there was more to life than fame and money. Lance gave his life to the Lord and is now sold out for God. He has a hunger to bring the Gospel to the youth of today so that they can know the Savior of his life and avoid the struggles that he went through. Lance resides in Kauai, Hawaii with his wife Yvonne and his three daughters Savannah, Trinity, and Terah.